Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Phony outrage

Bob Herbert has an important piece in this morning's NYTimes, in which he calls the Republicans out on their campaign against Acorn and their continuing effort to stir up anxiety, if not pure hatred amongst their base... obviously it's working when you look at the drivel that's coming from many of their supporters.

It's the same simplist line they've been using for years...they called it up after 9/11 too... they hate us because of our freedom... in this case there's a red in the closet, those who oppose them are the unamerican socialist who will raise taxes and take your freedom...

This from a party that brought to us the collapse of the United States of America. Trillion dollar war, Trillion dollar bailouts, Torture, Secret Prisons, Haliburton, high paid vigilantes fighting wars in our name, the Walter Reed travesty, Brownie and the Katrina response, the Orwellian Department of Homeland Security, 9/11, saddling our children with unprecedented debt, Gilded Age gaps in the wealth of the wealthiest to the poorest, the collapse of our banking industry, asking nothing more of us than to shop,
200 major rollbacks of Americans environmental laws, a crumbling infrastructure, a war on science and reason, the No Child Left Behind Act that left every child behind their counter parts throughout the world. This list could go on for ever, because everything they have done has been wrong. At this time in history when we have seen unprecedented competition from the the dynamic global economy, they failed us and left this country in complete shambles.

And the Republican Party's response is to grasp at power by continuing to split this country based on outright lies and fear mongering. And frankly it will work. The emaciated schools have been grooming an obedient class for years, what passes for culture on our television has 'tranquilized us with the trivial' and like children's play toe we are easily molded into the rapid hatemongers they need us to be for election days... then we will quietly sulk away... more reality shows to watch, more Cheetos to buy at Walmart, until we're called on again in four years...

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