Friday, March 5, 2010

Fired Up Ready to Go!

It seems the election of President Obama has some Fired Up and Ready to Go!

Shooting at the Pentagon, flying planes into IRS buildings, Tea Parties... hell, check the online comments sections of your local newspaper. It's gotten ugly.

Not exactly what the President had in mind.

I do wonder where these folks have been for the last 8 years. And why have they've decided now is the time to get Fired Up? I suspect it's in part the color of our President's skin. I suspect it's also the economy. And I'm pretty damn sure it's because people can so easily be led around by their noses by those inclined to do so. Marketing works.

Jerry Mitchell of the Clarion Ledger has a much more insightful piece on the subject at his blog.

This video of Stephen Colbert raises a similar point, which is that the truth doesn't matter. Acorn didn't welcome a pimp in their office with open arms and teach him how to work the system, it just didn't happen. The video was cooked. But, the facts don't matter. They destroyed an organization whose mission was to help poor folks, they cost them and the people they serve millions of dollars. But, the Tea Party, et. al. will never hear that it was a lie, because Limbaugh, Beck and Faux News won't discuss it. And thus they'll remain - Fired Up, Ready to Go!

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