Friday, May 21, 2010

The purpose of education

When the economy goes down, when people are scared, when the elite don't want to look in the mirror to find the problem what do they do? They blame the workforce. People just don't work hard enough, they're lazy, they want things handed to them, they're soft, too many are going to college, not enough are going to college, college's aren't teaching the right things, and on and on. The solutions then are to run it more like a business. As the previous post suggest, we just need serious people to get under the hood and fix this education thing. Stop teaching silly stuff and make sure everybody learns a trade. May I simply suggest... bullshit.

Do the elite prep schools that our leaders attended like Phillips Exeter Academy and Andover teach trades? How about the curriculum at elite schools like Brown, Bennington, or Wesleyan? Compare the curriculum's of these "nontraditional" collegeshere with the focus of the nearest university to you...

And apparently we've got too many unqualified students going to college, why aren't they just content to work at WalMart?
Plan B: Skip College
“College degrees are simply not necessary for many jobs. Of the 30 jobs projected to grow at the fastest rate over the next decade in the United States, only seven typically require a bachelor’s degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Among the top 10 growing job categories, two require college degrees: accounting (a bachelor’s) and postsecondary teachers (a doctorate). But this growth is expected to be dwarfed by the need for registered nurses, home health aides, customer service representatives and store clerks. None of those jobs require a bachelor’s degree.”

Is the purpose of an education to meet the current demands for workers? Over the last 5 years how many of these new jobs on the demand occupation list paid a living wage?

Perhaps as historian, Lawrence Cremin says, “…the aim of education is not merely to make citizens, or workers, or fathers, or mothers, but ultimately to make human beings who will live life to the fullest.”

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john said...

Nah.. Let's keep making kids spend years preparing for standardized tests. Almost daily, i breakdown participles and debate people on verb conjugation.