Saturday, May 8, 2010

The pursuit of happiness...

Yesterday as my son and I were driving through the neighborhood, my son pointed to the 2 biggest houses on the block and said, "Those people are rich", today I came in this afternoon and he was watching "Cribs" on T.V. He's 7 years old and already understanding what it means to be successful. The great Joe Bageant, author of "Deer Hunting with Jesus", in his most recent blog post writes:

"The brutal way Americans were forced to internalize the values of a gangster capitalist class continues to elude nearly all Americans. Most foreigners too. This is to say nothing of how our system replaced our humanity with ideology, our liberty with money, and fostered fascist nationalism through profound degeneration of the people's mind and spirit. It's not as if one can ever escape that sort of thing, either by going to a place like Mexico, getting drunk or whatever. We are made in Americas' image, whether we admit it or not, and America's image is the face on a ten dollar bill

Liberal or conservative, money is what we care about -- period. From birth, the empire has made one thing very clear to us: If you do not produce or acquire enough of the green stuff, meet the quota, you will be ground beneath the heel of the machine we call a society. No universal health insurance or higher education, no guaranteed minimum income, no worker rights, nothing for you suckers but the tab. So keep humping."

When I look and listen to my son and his friends and think back to when I was his age... it's easy to see how we are made in Americas' image...

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