Sunday, July 18, 2010

Careful what you wish for...

It's a common aspiration for young people to want to be professional athletes... Sports Illustrated reports that 70% of professional athletes are broke within 5 years of the end of their career. For NFL players that number goes up to 80%. Well, at least they have their health, "Football players were struck in the head 30 to 50 times per game and regularly endured blows similar to those experienced in car crashes, according to a Virginia Tech study that fitted players' helmets with the same kinds of sensors that trigger auto air bags."

Interesting that as we get a bit older our aspirations change to winning the lottery and apparently the exact same percent is often quoted for lottery winners ... “The reality is that 70 percent of all lottery winners will squander away their winnings in a few years,” the Connecticut financial advisers said in a news release. “In the process, they will see family and friendships destroyed and the financial security they hoped for disappear.”

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