Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Manufacturing Consent...

We have an economy and culture that is totally dependent on people buying things, and the marketers are masters at pulling our strings. The business party, which encompasses 99% of the democratic and republican parties, learned these lessons well and too are masters of public relations, marketing, and propaganda, and they pull the strings politically.

Usually, when the main stream media do politics they have a person representing the "right" and a person representing the "left" and lets them yell at each other, then those watching say this is what democracy is all about, hearing both sides and then "we decide". The problem is the power elite decide how wide that spectrum is... thus they control the parameters of the debate. On a bit larger scale we see this within networks, FOX is the 'right', MSNBC is the 'left'... those are your choices. We're a competitive culture so you've got to choose sides. Are you a Hokie or a Cavalier? A Rebel or a Bulldog? A democrat or a republican? Once you've chosen your side then that determines where you get your information. And what you hear makes you feel better. The people all look like you (or what you want to look like), they sound like you, and their opinions are the same opinions that you hear at church and family reunions.

And all of the opinions you hear are what the power elite allow you to hear. They don't invite Howard Zinn or Noam Chomsky on... those are opinions you just don't need to hear.

All of this leads me to ACORN and Shirley Sherrod. So FoxNews which functions as the side republicans choose to watch is seen by all as just a little conservative, but as legitimate as any of the other choices on your television dial. The same is true, by the way, in radio. And Rush Limbaugh and Hannity are seen as just as reasonable a place to get your news as AP or UPI. So when Fox News has a video that shows ACORN trying to find a way to get housing for a pimp and his prostitutes, the assumption is they just beat ABC and NBC to the scoop. Or some said they were just willing to report it when the rest were not. And when they showed a 1 minute video of Ms. Sherrod and told us she was a racist, the same reaction. MSNBC wouldn't show the clip because they're liberal, you're told. It's us versus them.

But Fox News lied. They didn't miss the story and they didn't make a mistake. They lied to make a political argument. They're not a news organization. They are strictly propaganda. All of the main stream media is propaganda, but Fox is willing to show their cards, knowing that their watchers don't care or won't connect the dots. All their commentators like O'Reilly and Hannity have to do is call the other guys names and their fans will be back cheering on the sidelines. The fact that they destroyed and eliminated an organization like ACORN who's sole purpose was to help poor people, and got a woman who spent her life helping poor farmers fired... they don't care. They've got ads to sell.

And what's the conversation on the issue today? What did the Obama Administration do wrong? What did the NAACP do wrong? Exactly what Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and the rest of the minions of the conservative power elite wanted.

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