Sunday, August 8, 2010


So, when those one-issue hawks, McCain and Coburn, list the biggest 'pork' in the ARRA but don't take the time to explain the projects, or even provide links to where the average person can learn more... they're saying, "if it wasn't for all this pork we wouldn't have the problems we've got today"... pig shit. Let's assume for a minute that every dime these guys bitch about is honest to goodness pork that creates too few opportunities in the long run... Well, fella's that's about the price of one day in the wars you support. Now, when they raise issues about what are legitimately decent projects, that have been reviewed by layers of people that know the issue before they're funded... when you slam those projects, you're showing either your ignorance or your penchant for propaganda.

Number 76 on the Senator's list of egregious ARRA projects was a plan to provide Ipod's to students at two schools in Utah. They wanted to paint the picture of lot's of students looking like Gene Wilder in Silver Streak - radio next to his ear, jivin' through the airport... my guess is they had a staffer tell them that an Ipod played music, so they think ARRA funds were used to buy transistor radios. Not realizing all the other applications of said device, especially those that EXPEDITE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES IN SCHOOLS! Just a little research Senators and you could have figured it all out, but you didn't want to... you're one trick ponies, convincing the Tea Baggers that your serious about spending.

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