Monday, September 27, 2010

Off to the Side - Jim Harrison again

Another of the great insights from Harrison's memoir -

"Among a certain group religion is used to effectively cleanse money and the Gospels' admonition to take care of the poor is misinterpreted as "a few of the poor." How many times have we heard that five million children go to bed hungry every night? Not certainly as many times as we've read and seen pieces on the laudatory aspects of great wealth. The top two or three percent of our population has had a decade-long field day that never trickled down to the bottom fifty percent. In my own lifetime I've seen the apotheosis of greed as a virtue, and brutal insensitivity become enlightened self-interest. We may do as well as all but a few countries but that scarcely makes us a Christian nation except to those who bath in patriotic gore out of habit and stupidity."
Jim Harrison - Off to the Side

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