Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Politicians talk about being 'pro-business'... they fight for the Chamber's endorsement and meet with various business groups when they come to town. The republicans talking point is "who creates jobs?" then state that "my opponent believes that government creates jobs, I believe it's private business"... cue the cheers from the crowd. Goes way back to "What's good for GM is good for America"... Why the hell democrats don't challenge this nonsense is beyond me. What's good for Wall Street is good for Wall Street, what's good for Big Business is good for big business. And frankly neither of those two give one damn for middle-class folks, much less poor folks, and neither takes any responsibility for any of the problems we've faced for the last 3 years.

Seth Godin defines "pro-business" in this great post on his blog. He writes - "What makes a policy or a politician pro business? Some would tell you it includes:

* Lower or eliminate the minimum wage
* Eviscerate OSHA and other safety and pollution inspections
* Make it difficult for workers to easily switch jobs from one company or another
* Educate the public just enough for them to be compliant cogs in the factory system
* Fight transparency to employees, the public and investors
* Cut corporate taxes"

I'm a rural guy, I've lived and worked in rural America all of my life, the business model that Seth describes as 'pro-business' was, and is, the model for every major employer every where I've lived. And to this day they are still the businesses the pickle vendors and politicians recruit and cater too throughout rural America.

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