Saturday, November 6, 2010

Measuring Success

"Societies such as Italy, Greece and many others are viewed by global capitalism as inferior economies. Especially agrarian societies: different rates of exchange and economies of scale, are set for them because capitalism benefits from the bonuses of synergies in scale and the virtual economy. Never do global capitalists want to see regional food security, energy security, or any other kind of security for that matter." - Joe Bageant in Flatworm Economics

How we measure our country's success is based on economics - unemployment rates and GDP, the stock market, etc. Our communities the same but you can include another dimension I think, which is sadly what you can buy there - a local community celebrates with the announcement that Olive Garden is coming to town, a franchise that serves warmed up TV dinners in big bowls. With our public institutions we've incorporated business language - All of the talk around school reform is about how well it trains people to work. What's the return on investment? Nothing about teaching people to love learning, helping them come happy, well-informed , well rounded, no the question is only - will they be productive? And in our personal lives more of the same. What do you do? Is the first question we ask when meeting someone new.

Corporations are soulless devices created for no other purpose than to maximize profit. Why is this the model that we've chosen to follow? Why have we adopted their language and their measures for success?

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