Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Who Will Stand Up to the Superrich?"

According to everyone we've got to get this deficit under control and curb government spending. Leaving aside how this apparently wasn't an issue when Shrub was the President, it's interesting to see that there is almost universal agreement where these cuts need to happen - Social Security, Medicaid, and perhaps with grudging admission among conservatives, the military.

So people who actually work for a living will need to work until their 70 to get social security... all the while, as Frank Rich pointed out today, "“How can hedge-fund managers who are pulling down billions sometimes pay a lower tax rate than do their secretaries?” ask the political scientists Jacob S. Hacker (of Yale) and Paul Pierson (University of California, Berkeley) in their deservedly lauded new book, “Winner-Take-All Politics.”

Great column by Frank Rich, and some really smart comments associated with the piece...

Ultimately, there are really smart economist who think this focus on the deficit is absolutely silly, but assume that we have to tackle it, there are ways to balance this budget and erase this deficit with out pissing on working people... like growing an economy that pays living wages and making life better for working folks. The alternative is nothing more than economics laced with social darwinism epitomized by trickle down economics, the very idea of which is absurd on every level.

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