Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More stuff that we don't care about...

The talking heads will spend this evening talking about Haley Barbour, or Sarah Palin, or the latest poll numbers, but they're not talking about this-

"The Nigerian government has dropped bribery charges against former Vice President Dick Cheney after Halliburton agreed to pay Nigeria $250 million dollars in fines"

and they sure as hell aren't going to talk about Camden, NJ. Which is sadly a model many of our communities may soon be following. As detailed in this great and disturbing piece.

And even when they do, they don't go anywhere deep enough, they never help people put stories like this last one in any context:

"This year, Wall Street’s five biggest firms have put aside nearly $90 billion for bonuses."

And because they don't when these young, bright Wall Street guys are returning home for Christmas visit their family and old friends in Toledo, Richmond, Jackson, and Dallas, the parents will gush with pride. The Wall Street boys will call a few old friends and talk about their new summer house in the Hampton’s, skiing in Jackson Hole, their own kids who are doing well at Philips Exeter and Andover Academy. The old High School friends will listen attentively and secretly long to be like their more successful friends, and they'll work to conceal their jealousy.

But because the media never connects the dots not one of these old friends will say, “Your ass needs to be locked up! Remember that old guy we went to school with? Well, he’s serving 5-10 for robbing a convenience store of $500. You’ve robbed the taxpayers of billions, and for that you got a 7 figure Christmas bonus! How do you feel that your kids got a trust fund, while his kids got a pack of underwear from a local charity for Christmas this year?”

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