Thursday, December 16, 2010

What do they really want to get done?

Do we need a better example than the last 8-10 years that the power elite play the people as complete fools?

The Republicans had the House, Senate, and Shrub for 6 years. How did they do on: abortion? balancing the budget? Hell, name any major Republican issue that they roll out every election and ask not only did they get it done, did they even bring it up for debate or a vote?

Then the Democrats had the House, Senate, and Obama for 2 years... Did we get Universal Health Care? A progressive tax rate? Increased wages for working people or more union membership? An end to these damn wars?

Neither got the job done... were they incompetent? Perhaps. Did they actually get done everything they wanted done? More likely. The rich get richer and the people still fuss and fight over trivial bullshit, spend their time watching Dancing with the Stars/American Idol, and buying cheap junk at WalMart...

Edward Bernays designed it and Noam Chomsky analyzed it... and we don't have the energy to break out of the haze.

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