Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No time to think...

This media coverage in Arizona illustrates one of the challenges of our media culture. There's no time to take a breath... these aren't, by and large, idiots that are on t.v., but they are thrown on the air 2 minutes after a tragedy, make-up goes on, lights, camera, action - and the command is to tell us what to think. So, we get charge, counter-charge... then you can't back down and show weakness, so you've got to defend your opinion... you can't be wrong, because we live in a culture where errors aren't accepted, so we end up with crap. People take sides and we learned nothing.

So, after some time to think, here's my take. Wouldn't it be reasonable for us as a country to have a conversation about how we treat mental illness and perhaps to think about the VT murders and this one as we ask the question? And it doesn't strike me as out of bounds, given that a Congresswomen was shot, that we should also think about the rhetoric towards politicians.

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