Thursday, February 24, 2011


From the Huffington Post:

"There is a kernel of truth in Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's claim of a "budget shortfall" of $137 million. But Walker, a Republican, ... pushed through $117 million in tax breaks for business allies of the GOP. There is your crisis.

The state Legislature's Legislative Fiscal Bureau -- Wisconsin's equivalent of the Congressional Budget Office and a refuge for professional expertise and nonpartisanship -- warned Walker and the legislature that the measure would create a budget gap. There is your shortfall -- and not one resulting from established public employee benefits. Before the tax giveaways, the fiscal agency predicted a surplus for the state."

But, the conversation has been all about collective bargaining, greedy union 'bosses', state employee wages, etc.? Why is that?

On the Federal level the budget is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING on the public's mind... after the Republican's pushed for the extension of the Bush tax credits for those making over $250K...

It's remarkable that in this country, there is no chance we will join our Egyptian brothers and sisters in the streets and say, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" to the rich bastards that control and manipulate our lives.

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