Monday, April 11, 2011

Race to the Bottom starts in the Rural South -

In a truly remarkable story, this piece in the LATimes details the troubles at Ikea's only North American manufacturing facility.

One thing I note is the reaction to this story, many of the comments absolutely support Ikea, apparently even after our financial institutions collapsed our economy many American's still believe that our corporate benefactors have the best interest of workers, and this country, at heart.

$19 an hour to start with benefits and 5 weeks vacation in Sweden, $8 an hour, 4 days of vacation outside of holidays in the United States.

Andrew Leonard at Salon has a good piece about the story, Leonard says, "To keep up with the challenge of foreign competition, our plan is to crack down on our own working class until our sweatshops are just as oppressive as any other developing nation's." Excellent point and sadly, very true.

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