Monday, May 16, 2011

Still Giving -

More tributes to Joe Bageant at his website

Remembering Joe, a redneck revolutionary
"It is a class thing. If your high school drop-out daddy busted his ass for small bucks and never read a book and your mama was a waitress, chances are you are not going to grow up to be president of the United States, regardless of what your teacher told you. You are going to be pulling down eight bucks an hour at shift work someplace and praying for overtime to pay the heating bill."

"It’s no wonder the rural poor mistrust the government, it was government policies, forced by the Corporatocracy, that drove them off the land in the first place, only to be victimized by the deliberate destruction of the unions that kept wages high, again by government policies, forced by the same Corporatocracy.

Rainbow Pie should be required reading
Growing-up in the 50’s, I experienced the America Joe writes about, an America that’s unfortunately gone forever. When I graduated from high school, even the “D” students could read, and most could write a coherent paragraph. Companies had “personnel departments,” jobs were plentiful and well-paying, and you could buy things that lasted for a long time. Globalization, unfettered capitalism, and good old-fashioned greed and corruption has changed all that, and given us the America we have now."

Champion of the forgotten underclass
"They don't all look like Farmer Green Jeans. They don't even live in the country, necessarily, they're not all working in chicken plants and they certainly don't all work below the poverty level - although there are 40 million people below that now and I think they're well represented.

They've got their Wal-Mart stuff and a new truck, but they don't have health insurance or full-time jobs. They are very hard to measure demographically. Nobody says, "Do they have an education? Does the family get proper nutrition?" The misery in their life can be masked by commodities very easily."

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