Sunday, June 12, 2011

"...federal spending is up over 80 percent in two years"

While it's easy to pull the strings of the populace, you've got to wonder if it's even easier to pull the strings of the Congress. They get their talking points from conservative think-tanks, they repeat those talking points, they never check them for accuracy, but when called on the falsehood, blame the "liberal-media"... Just waiting on Southside VA's Congressman Hurt to do the same after the Richmond-Times Dispatch accurately reported that the Congressman is just factually wrong by saying that "...federal spending is up over 80 percent in two years"...

Story HERE As the great Paul Krugman pointed out, this talking point, which came from Ryan's budget plan, "" a complete fraud; it’s based on counting the same spending several times over," Krugman wrote."

I've written about the chart that should actually be used to explain the deficit HERE

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