Friday, June 24, 2011

Something for the little people...

The Supreme Court has now said that those who can afford non generic drugs have the ability to sue should those drugs poison, harm, or kill, them or a loved one. Poor folks, who take the generic versions, will be given no such right. Tough luck, hope it didn't hurt too bad.

Earlier in the week, the Supreme Court ruled that WalMart would not have to answer claims of discrimination from 1.5M women, the women, apparently, did not have enough in common. Instead, if these women, who by working for WalMart are by definition poor, want to sue they have to take on the world's largest corporation individually. Nothing like a good fair fight in the eye's of Scalia and Thomas.

Big win's for Big Pharma and WalMart...

What if those 1.5M women, and everybody who uses generic drugs. marched on Washington? What if they demanded that the money changers, and the suits, give them the justice they have been denied? Doesn't matter, because it's not going to happen. We're a beaten, obedient people. We will slink away and be happy that 32" t.v.'s are on sale at Walmart for $297. We will be happy those of means give us what they "can", we'll be happy that the Republican's aren't going to raise taxes to build new roads, or pay for pell grants, or for workforce retraining. We'll be happy we live in the United States, because from what we hear on t.v., and in the schools, and at church... the United States is the best place to live, and by the grace of god, we are blessed to have been born here. So, poor folks, keep you yap shut and count your blessings that these big companies and the the supreme court are looking out for you.

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