Monday, June 20, 2011

Newsperson versus "Entertainer"

Rush Limbaugh has called himself an entertainer, but when Michael Steele called him one (HERE) Rush took offense. Jon Stewart appeared on Faux News on Sunday morning and said he was an entertainer first (actually he said Comedian) to which host Chris Wallace took exception.

But Stewart's point, I believe, is an important one... Fox News says they are in the News business, Stewart made the point that in the Fox News world you are either "with us, or against us" and they see Stewart as against them. Here's the quandary for Fox News - Are you suggesting Stewart is just like you, except on the opposite side of the isle? He's a comedian first, who makes fun of Democrats and Republican's, and he's a liberal. Faux News is conservative, but they claim to be "Fair and Balanced"... they don't adhere to the mission of news organizations - they don't present both sides fairly, they don't make the important interesting, nor do they don't comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable - they report news with a conservative bias, Stewart reports news with a liberal bias and looks for laughs -

Here's the Stewart/Wallace interview -

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