Thursday, July 14, 2011

Being reasonable...

I can be unreasonable, especially on this blog. In my day job I'm paid to be reasonable, thoughtful, logical. So, I've always used this blog to, more or less, call them like I see them. Frankly, there's some chance I'm wrong as much as I'm right, but it's what I'm thinking at the time.

I've, perhaps, become unreasonable on the tax/debt issue... so, let me link to a really thoughtful piece by someone who's much more reasonable than I. A serious professional with the best interest of the country at heart.

No room for compromise | When ideologues eat our politics

"We are seeing what happens when ideologues chew up and spit out our politics: 24/7 electioneering has virtually destroyed our federal government's ability to govern.

In a democratic system, the politics of governance -- as distinct from the politics of elections -- really matters. Through the politics of governance, we air our differences and move forward through compromise.

We seem to have lost this distinction." ... "Sadly, ideologues will not move our democracy forward. They never have. As Garrison Keillor once wrote, "Our democracy was not built by angry people."

Where do we go from here?

It's time for us to build new pathways. These pathways, I am convinced, will emerge in regions around the country, where civic leaders take their responsibilities to govern more seriously than we see in Washington these days."

Good point's Ed, but I wish I were optimistic that it really will/can happen.

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