Friday, July 8, 2011

Eating and Living Well

If I may, let me pause from the political theme this blog has taken of late... and get a bit personal.

We don't do a budget in my house per se, for 20 years or so my wife and I have generally spent less than we earned, saved a little bit, but we never made much so saving wasn't much of a consideration. Now we make a little more and as I've been a bit infatuated of late with lifestyle designers and the idea of mini retirements, sabbaticals, etc, the other day I tried to figure out where we spend our money. And what I discovered is that we eat well... I knew this, we try and buy organic everything, we actually cook, don't buy processed foods, etc. But I was starting to think, perhaps it's not worth it.

Then I read a quote from a great book my sister gave me over the weekend - Man with a Pan: Culinary Adventures of Fathers who cook for their Families. Jim Harrison, who I've written about before, is one of the contributors and a true gourmand. He says,

"Don't be a tightwad. Your meals in life are numbered and the number is diminishing. Get at it. Owning an expensive car or home and buying cheap groceries and wine is utterly stupid. As a matter of simple fact, you can live indefinitely on peanut butter and jelly or fruit, nuts, and yogurt, but then food is one of our primary aesthetic expenses, and what you choose to eat directly reflects the quality of your life."

Then as I was coming over to post this I stopped by my google reader and noted a new post from lifestyle designer extraordinaire Tim Ferris. Tim's post today is entitled, "Looking to the Dietary Gods: Eating Well According to the Ancients"- Tim, his guest blogger Ryan, and Jim Harrison may disagree to a degree on the issue of what it means to "eat well"... but, Ryan ends his blog post by saying, "And this is why Philosophy is so important. Because it can turn a simple thing like eating into a lens for viewing the world, a path to what we all want: the good life." But, I think they would agree, it clearly is part of a good life.

For me, eating well is a big part of the good life, and I will look for other areas to work on my budget.

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