Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Taxes -

A couple of interesting charts in a piece posted on Huffington Post by Jane White -

As White points out, "When you think about it, when it comes to "net worth" Americans are likely the poorest in the advanced world. Why? Because many life necessities that are subsidized by rich taxpayers in other countries are mostly paid out of pocket by Americans. From college education to health care to retirement, we bankroll more of these costs than any of our peers."

Obama and Boehner had a deal in principal, and as I pointed out a couple days ago in the Brooks piece, it was a lousy deal for democrats. But, Boehner couldn't sell it to the tea partiers in his party. Taxes have become a dirty word, as White points out in the HP piece thanks in large part to the propaganda of Grover Norquist. The question is why we're letting the lunatics run the asylum? Tell these people they are wrong, way wrong, and get it done. Hell, point out to them that Reagan raised taxes MANY times, sometimes it's what has to be done, and as White's piece points out, sometimes it's the right thing to do.

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