Thursday, August 18, 2011

" Better they reject one that could make a real difference..."

Bob Reich laid out a job's proposal at HP that strikes me as a good one:

"What would a bold jobs bill look like? Here are the ten components I'd recommend (apologies to those of you who have read some of these before):

1. Exempt first $20K of income from payroll taxes for two years. Make up shortfall by raising ceiling on income subject to payroll taxes.

2. Recreate the WPA and Civilian Conservation Corps to put long-term unemployed directly to work.

3. Create an infrastructure bank authorized to borrow $300 billion a year to repair and upgrade the nation's roads, bridges, ports, airports, school buildings, and water and sewer systems.

4. Amend bankruptcy laws to allow distressed homeowners to declare bankruptcy on their primary residence, so they can reorganize their mortgage loans.

5. Allow distressed homeowners to sell a portion of their mortgages to the FHA, which would take a proportionate share of any upside gains when the homes are sold.

6. Provide tax incentive to employers who create net new jobs ($2,500 deduction for every net new job created).

7. Make low-interest loans to cash-starved states and cities, so they don't have to lay off teachers, fire fighters, police officers, and reduce other critical public services.

8. Provide partial unemployment benefits to people who have lost part-time jobs.

9. Enlarge and expand the Earned Income Tax Credit - a wage subsidy for low-wage work.

10. Impose a "severance fee" on any large business that lays off an American worker and outsources the job abroad."

And Professor Reich makes this point -
"Besides, Republican­s won't go along with any jobs initiative he proposes -- even a tiny one. Better they reject one that could make a real difference than one that's pitifully small and symbolic."

The fact is the President has tried to compromise, tried to collaborate, tried to make the Congress play nice... and what the country, got out of the deal? Zero, Zilch, Nadda... plus, politically he's been HAMMERED, called a Socialist, etc.

The Koch's, Faux News, Limbaugh, etc. are going to line up and spew hate at everything the President proposes thus, as Professor Reich suggest, they might as well reject something that could make a real difference - and a plan like this, would make a real difference.

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