Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Class War is Over, the Rich Won... The Debate's Over, We Lost.

Jon Stewart, and his Daily Show partners, put together an important piece last week. It touches on a couple of topics I've written about lately (HERE and HERE)

Link for Part 1 -Warren Buffett VS Wealthy Conservatives - click HERE

Link for Part 2 -The Poor's Free Ride is Over - click HERE

I would point out:
1) It didn't take long for the Heritage piece to filter into the Faux News talking points

2) Good to see we're ahead of Uganda and Rwanda in the income inequality rankings, I bet, however, with the deficit reduction package we might fall farther behind Iran... (seriously, that's just depressing isn't it? I wrote a bit about that last year HERE)

3) Early on Jon makes a subtle but important point about the range of the conversation, which points out clearly how the conservatives have won this debate... the debate is how big the cuts will be, Republicans say huge, Democrats say not as huge. Yet, nobody is talking about growing the economy, creating more taxpayer's, or as Jon did, returning the upper marginal tax rate to the rate when the economy was booming in the 90's.
To plug my little blog again, I wrote about that back in February HERE

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