Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tebow, Religion, Bageant, Media...

I came across this piece today, it's from Ed Encho and touches on many of my favorite subjects - football, religion, the media, plus it references one of my personal hero's, the great Joe Bageant... and as an added bonus, it touches on Becker's use of the "trivial"... good stuff...

The Great Tebow Crusade: A Sports Metaphor for a Delusional Nation - Click HERE for the full piece -

An excerpt:
"The illusion is perpetuated by the "media hologram" as the late, great social critic Joe Bageant referred to the ever present electronic propagandizing that allows for the facade of the mythical and now forever lost American dream to be promoted. Old Joe pegged our national media as "a feast of bullshit and spectacle", the Romans referred to a pre-technology version of the distractions that masked the decline of their mighty empire as "panem et circenses" or as it is more commonly known "bread and circuses". The national infatuation with pure fantasy and triviality that serves to distract and to make one forget is exemplified not only by movies, video games and cheesy tabloid celebrity scandals but in the ongoing games that are played, gladiatorial epics for the modern age. In this country, no sport is revered as much as professional football and no sports league is as saturated with the underlying cultural indoctrination of warfare, capitalism and patriotic fervor as the NFL. Now, the already overpowering affirmation of the glorious, capitalist warfare state is about to get religion as well. The story of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, a champion to radical American Cristendom and the coordinated push to transform a man child of mediocre talent into an orange clad savior, national celebrity and to likely serve as a springboard into national politics is a fascinating cultural study of an America gone horribly awry and steeped in a dangerous and terminal denial."

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