Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Goal of Education... cont.

Following up on my last post... good piece by Steve Denning @ Forbes, he says, "The goal needs to shift from one of making a system that teaches children a curriculum more efficiently to one of making the system more effective by inspiring lifelong learning in students, so that they are able to have full and productive lives in a rapidly shifting economy." The Single Best Idea for Reforming K-12 Education

This is especially true, when as this piece in the Atlantic points out - The Freelance Surge Is the Industrial Revolution of Our Time "Today, careers consist of piecing together various types of work, juggling multiple clients, learning to be marketing and accounting experts, and creating offices in bedrooms/coffee shops/coworking spaces. Independent workers abound. We call them freelancers, contractors, sole proprietors, consultants, temps, and the self-employed."

The way we live, work, and learn has completely changed - why are we training people for jobs that no longer exist?

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