Monday, September 26, 2011

Politics or Religion?

Interesting piece at AlterNet by Joshua Holland - Has American-Style Conservatism Become a Religion?

Holland asks, "Ideology is grounded in the real world. It offers us a philosophical lens through which we can efficiently process what's happening in the world around us. Religion is different. It's a fixed belief system, based on faith, and it is immune to – or at least highly resistant to – challenges mounted by objective reality. Which better describes the belief system of a typical Rush Limbaugh fan or Tea Party activist?"

Related, the Blue Ridge Muse blog had a post today lamenting - When politics overwhelms friendships we all lose -  

Ultimately, I think they're both correct and as politics have become more like a religion to some, more a "fixed belief system, based on faith, and ... immune to... challenges mounted by objective reality"... than an ideology or "philosophical lens"... the rhetoric has become more heated, compromise is less an option, friendships are lost, and the country suffers...

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