Thursday, September 15, 2011

Structural Change

Amen, to this piece @ Big Think -

"Ordinary Americans didn’t suddenly become lazy or unproductive. Nor are their struggles simply a consequence of the recession, since they started before it began. Instead, the average American has been the victim both of long-term trends beyond their control and government policies that cut social support programs and weaken labor unions. And without structural change, ordinary Americans will continue to struggle even after the overall economy finally begins to grow again."

Having been involved in workforce training for a number of years, I've had the opportunity to meet with a number of companies about their workforce needs... at one point many were lamenting they needed people who could "read, write, do math, work in teams, had concepts of quality, showed up to work on time and came back after lunch"... soon thereafter, a major employer came to town and hired 2000 workers, one reason was the quality of the workforce. One man's trash is another's treasure? Nope, "soft skills" are a convenient excuse to pay less money and hire fewer people... essentially it's a good excuse. But, as the Big Think piece points out... it's not like American's suddenly became lazy or unproductive. This has been a structural change, resulting in a shrinking middle class, more people in poverty, and greater concentration of wealth at the top... all brought about by globalization, technology, and greed laced ideology.

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