Friday, October 21, 2011

More on the Metamovements

The Metamovement: Moving Beyond Marches and People in the Street

Another interesting post from Dave Pollard on the Metamovement.  What happens next - will the momentum essentially fade away?  Or is it possible to build on some concrete actions steps, perhaps those suggested by Mr. Pollard below?

(Another potential actionable item, related to Pollards first, offered here by Cenk Uygur - How to Regain Our Democracy - )

A. Demands of Governments B. Street Actions C. Ongoing Local Initiatives
1. Re-empowerment of the people and communities Campaign finance reform; Reinstate anti-monopoly laws;  STV voting; nationalize essential goods and services industries Occupy the mainstream media, megapolluters, and the offices of corporate oligopolies and dysfunctional regulators (e.g. telcos, the Fed, Monsanto, Exxon, the Big 6 banks, ADM, Cargill, Koch, Wal-Mart)
2. Reining in corporate rights and privileges End to corporate ‘personhood’; replacing ‘free’ trade with ‘fair’ trade Marches Ongoing boycotts of the most egregious corporations (see e.g. list above left)
3. Debt forgiveness Mark all ‘underwater’ mortgages down to current market value of property; Student loan amnesty; Extinguish third world and oppressive international debts Blockades to prevent forced evictions (done in Madrid); Mass refuse-to-pay actions and mortgage burnings Buy up foreclosed homes and return them to the people (Sam Rose suggestion);
4. Banking and money system reform Reinstate anti-usury laws; Reinstate Glass-Steagall; break up the banks; nationalize the Fed Bank Transfer Day: Move your money from banks to credit unions November 5; Marches Create and support local currencies
5. Wealth and income redistribution Guaranteed annual income; increase capital gains taxes, taxes on passive (non-employment) income, excessive wealth and inheritance taxes, and speculation taxes; Reinstate progressive taxes on the rich and on corporations; Maximum income (beyond which tax is 100%) Campouts and “March of Shame” actions at the homes of the 1%
6. Free universal  health care (Varies greatly depending on Occupiers’ country)
Community-based preventative, diagnostic and self-treatment health programs
7. Free universal education (Varies greatly depending on Occupiers’ country)
Unschooling and community-based self-directed learning programs
8. Decent livelihoods Reform taxes, duties and regulations to encourage instead of discourage creation of local employment; Improve teaching of and support for new cooperative enterprise creation
Disseminate and offer free programs to teach and support the creation of new cooperative sustainable local enterprises that meet real human needs
9. Social security Guaranteed “living wage” pensions for all over 65 and for those unable to work or unable to find work

10. Making the economy sustainable Create national and international programs to move from a ‘growth’ economy to a steady-state economy ‘Buy Nothing’ and ‘Buy Local’ day information protests (staged at malls and other major retail locations) Local programs to help wean citizens off pensions, jobs and debt burdens that are dependent on the ‘growth’ economy; Community-based car-share, tool-share, swaps and other consumption-reducing and cost-saving programs; Re-learning how to make locally and repair/reuse products instead of buying new, imported ones.
11. Peace and social justice End wars in Middle East and covert anti-democratic actions elsewhere; close Guantanamo and other torture prisons; stop harassment of minorities and immigrants; legalize gay marriage; increase access to abortion and birth control Peace and pro-diversity (e.g. pro-immigration) marches Mass war tax resistance/ refusal
12. Ending environmental destruction End factory farming; Shut down tar sands and other megapolluters; Ban GM foods/seeds/agricultural chemicals; Introduce carbon taxes; Ban bottled water Blockade and occupy megapolluters, factory farms and GM facilities
13. Measuring what matters Replace collecting, publishing and using GDP and other ‘growth’ statistics for decision-making, with measures of well-being, resource waste, pollution, social justice, and equality; Have deceptive government data on ‘unemployment’ and ‘inflation’ replaced by independently calculated and audited data on true unemployment, underemployment, equity of wealth/income dissemination and real changes to the cost of living of the average citizen Mass dissemination (posters, placards, press conferences) of true measures of well-being, wealth and income distribution, pollution, inflation and un/underemployment Collect and widely publish (including sending to the mainstream media until they report them) true well-being, pollution, inflation and un/underemployment data
14. Food security End subsidies to Big Agriculture and replace them with subsidies to local, organic, fair trade foods; Regulate the private ownership, use and waste of freshwater; Tax unhealthy foods and keep them out of schools Buy Local, Buy Organic “Buy-Ins” to support local producers of healthy food Teaching about healthy foods and how to prepare them, and the dangers of unhealthy foods; Community kitchens and cooperatives to make healthy eating easier and more affordable

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