Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

Jon Stewart does an excellent job of comparing the coverage of the Occupy Wall Street versus that of the Tea Baggers at Fox News, et. al, in this video HERE

The thread through the Republican talking machine has been - 'what do they (meaning the protestors) want?  They call the protest incoherent, they don't know what the message is, etc.  Jon takes this on, but I would just add that just because the memo from the Republican party to their propaganda wing says it's an incoherent message doesn't make it so... the message is very clear  -  Wall Street executives completely wrecked our economy, we bailed them out, they continue to make millions and continue to make risky bets, and we are being asked to pay for it all with our social security, 401K's, medicare/medicaid, Pell Grants,  crumbling infrastructure, etc.

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