Saturday, November 5, 2011

Arguing with Fools

Elizabeth Warren was called a "socialist whore" at an event this week... Story HERE @ AlterNet.  Where apparently the tea bagger also questioned the citizenship of the President.

Herman Cain doubled down on his love for his "brothers from another mother" the Koch's.  Also, @ AlterNet HERE

And congressional Republican's are voting on the motto "In God We Trust", which has been around since 1950... which Jon Stewart lampoons HERE

And if you're like me, just go to facebook and see the post of some of your "friends" -  the political and superstitious nonsense that they feel strongly enough about to share with others, is, well, simply nuts.

There's an old saying about arguing with a crazy person, essentially the advice is to not do it, because people watching can't tell which one is the crazy person... It's tempting to engage the loonies on the right, hell this blog does it often, but it can't be healthy or wise.

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