Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our Assumption...

When we see stories like this, our first instinct is to think... what a bright young man, he's extraordinary!  And I think he is, but not as extraordinary as we think he is.... I think the VAST majority of our children can do the same thing, if they can't, perhaps we're in big trouble anyway.

How Students Can Take Charge of Their Education - NYT - HERE

"I am an elementary school dropout. At the end of fifth grade I told my parents I was bored in school. They could have told me to stick it out, that doing so would “build character.” Instead, although my mom was a public school teacher and my dad an engineer – both products of the public school system – they allowed to leave school and try unschooling, the self-directed form of homeschooling.
While my peers sat in class through middle school and high school, I found mentors, took college classes, started businesses, lived in France, worked on political campaigns and helped build a library. I created my education by taking these traditional “extracurricular activities” and turning them into a cohesive academic program."

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