Friday, December 9, 2011

The illusion of choice

One of the illusions is that our media offers choices... you can choose to watch Fox News and listen to Rush if you want the conservative side of the daily events, or you can watch MSNBC if you want to hear the liberal view of the daily events. And I've argued before that what conservatives have been very successful at is labeling all other options - CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN as 'liberal'.  Here's my essential rebuttal.  Bullshit.  Watch any of these channels, ANY OF THEM and you essentially get the same thing.  Corporate News.  As this Infographic points out - "6 media giants now control 90% of what we read, watch, or listen to."... in 1983 50 companies provided 90% of what we read, watch, or listened to... and those 6 companies, well they made over $250 Billion last year, I disagree with the commentary associated with the link I provided, in my mind if you think those corporations are going to let any story question their place in the world, you're just wrong.  They create the limits by which conversations can happen and keep them within certain margins... and those margins are remarkably narrow.

Source: Frugal dad

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