Friday, January 20, 2012

"...myths that camouflage inconvenient truths."

Good piece by Neil J. Young at the NYTimes - "There They Go Again" - about the idealized version of Reagan that Evangelical's choose to portray and remember - Young makes clear that Reagan wasn't the evangelical that they remember.

From Young -
"The religious right wing of the Republican Party has clung especially close to the memory of Reagan. In Reagan, religious conservatives remember a president who spiced his speeches with Bible verses, fought for their issues, and championed the nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage. But memory is an unreliable guide, and history in the service of politics often breeds soothing myths that camouflage inconvenient truths.

In reality, religious conservatives were often dissatisfied with Reagan’s presidency. The Christian right of today – and Republicans generally – must stop using a mythic Reagan as their measuring stick for candidates because it drives them away from viable contenders who fall short of an impossible standard that Reagan himself couldn’t have met."

 I tried to point out HERE (and HERE) that he also wasn't the President the 'no  taxer's' remember.

What's interesting to me is how these myth's developed.  This isn't ancient history, but so many people get it so wrong.  Ultimately, his handler's were extremely effective at using the media to create the myth of a President that never was... the challenge is that  the power elite, and their media, have been doing this effectively for a number of years now in all facets of our life, thus creating generations that know nothing but the myth's created for them based on a world that never was...

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