Friday, April 27, 2012

Obama on the Liberal-Conservative Scale

Historian Eric Alterman on Bill Moyers recently was asked to place Obama on a 100 point scale - 100 being the most liberal President, 0 being the most conservative... keep in mind his answer during this campaign when he's called a socialist/communist, etc.  What it indicates is how far out of touch the Republicans are and how they've pulled the strings of their base who repeat this crap...

Click HERE for the Moyers video

TEST Scores - US VS The World

What's the point of higher test scores on standardized test?  We assume that it shows that kids are learning, and if kids are learning that will then increase their value and productivity in the market place... right?

Along those lines, we hear that the US ranks 20 whatever place in International test scores, corporations like Exxon are running ads, lamenting these scores and talking about their efforts to increase STEM programs and thus increase test scores (and thus increase students value in the market) but what we don’t hear is that on these same test, our kids who are not in poverty, actually rank the highest in the world on these test.  They beat everybody.  The kicker is that when you add the test scores of kids who are in poverty to  that’s our results we fall back… 

But we can’t have a conversation that suggest we should raise more people out of poverty…to increase test scores.   No, we blame teachers, and schools, and those kids today, etc.  Conversations about poverty imply class warfare.

Good piece by Linda Darling-Hammond on the subject @ the Washington Post - HERE