Saturday, May 19, 2012

For whom the economy works...

Just did a google news search... record price paid for and most ever paid for
$52M for a NYC Co-op
$86.9M for a Rothko
$850K for Batman Comic Book
$90M for NYC Penthouse
$120M for a Munch (the most expensive artwork ever sold at auction)
$388.5M for highest contemporary art auction ever, (including record prices for Richter, Pollock, Newman, Klein, and the aforementioned Rothko)
$155K for comic panel pages
$2.1M for post-war Canadian Artwork

And the Republican mantra for the last 12 years is give these new owners of apartments, art, and comics a tax break and it will benefit everyone else...

A Venture Capitalist begs to differ:
Transcript HERE
Charts HERE

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