Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Built It?!

The Republican convention last night was a farce, an entire night meant to lie to the American public... and the crazy, ingenious thing about  their strategy is that it will work.  But, I do imagine the planning meetings, the sweat dripping off Karl Rove as he says, "nobody will believe we could organize this many people to lie ... thus, it becomes our word against the black guys word."

So, what was the lie?  "We Built it"... Obama pointed out in a speech in Roanoke Virginia that we have a social contract in this country - we pool our funds to build roads, bridges, schools, fire stations, police departments, do research, go to the moon, inspect food, etc., etc. and this social contract has led us to where we are today.  The Republicans said BULLSHIT.  Every rich person made it rich on their own merits, the poor are poor because they're stupid bastards and the rich are rich, and the United States powerful, because that's the way God wants it.  And they did an entire night of their convention spreading a lie about what Obama said AND even more remarkably brought small business owners to the stage, who in fact have received more than their share of government help, and pulled their strings like puppets to say, "we did it all without government help!"...

Charlie Pierce in Esquire on the subject:
"It was an entire evening based on a demonstrable lie. It was an entire evening based on demonstrable lies told in service to the overriding demonstrable lie. And there was only one real story for actual journalists to tell at the end of it.
         The Republicans simply don't care.
They don't care that they lie. They don't care that their lies are obvious. They don't care that their lies wouldn't fool an underpaid substitute Social Studies teacher in a public middle school, who would then probably go out one night and get yelled at by Chris Christie. ("They believe in teacher's unions. We believe in teachers," he said in his speech. Yeah, you just don't believe in paying them.) They don't care that their history is a lie and that, by spreading it, they devalue the actual history of the country, which is something that belongs to us."
And Nicholas Kristof in the NYTimes:
"In short, the Republicans are inadvertently underscoring the point that President Obama was expressing in his “you didn’t build that” comment in July. Obama noted then that “if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own.” He pointed to public investments in roads and bridges that enable businesses to flourish, and then he inelegantly added, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.”
Fox News erupted in outrage, selectively editing the clip to confirm Republican prejudices that Obama doesn’t understand the private sector. This fits into the Republican narrative that business executives are heroic job creators when they aren’t held back by regulations and taxes imposed by quasi-socialist Muslims born in Kenya. "
Kristof goes on to make a really important point... one of the speakers last night was Sher Valenzuela. She and her husband have built a business in Delaware and she’s running for Lt. Gov. Well, he links to a powerpoint that Ms. Valenzuela gave to a women’s group in Delaware that’s all about how she got government loans, contracts, and training to build her business into the success it is today… here’s a quote from one of the powerpoint slides:

“Many of you would be surprised to know that when we couldn’t find enough quality trained machine operators the State actually financed and implemented a full-service employee training program designed for our facility – and it didn’t cost us a dime!”
Uh, Republicans... your speaker talking about doing it on their own merit got $2M in GOVERNMENT LOANS and a workforce trained with 100% GOVERNMENT MONEY!  Which leads me to the conclusion that these bastards are delusional... absolutely convinced they hit a home run, when they all started out on 3rd base.  Self-righteous, delusional, crazy people.  And half the population watched the program, waved their flag, and went to bed last night dreaming of an America that never existed.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who Let the Angry Black Man in the White House?

Romney in Ohio yesterday,
"“This is what an angry and desperate presidency looks like. President Obama knows better, promised better, and America deserves better,”
I think you can say a number of things about President Obama, but angry?  What the hell does that mean?  Many of us have wished he would be angry, wished he would call out his critics who've called him a socialist, a Muslim, and rhetorically take them to the woodshed... but, he didn't.  In fact, I would argue he's failed every damn time he's trusted the Republican's to do what was right, he's bent over backwards to be bipartisan and everytime he's got his ass handed to him politically.

Charles Pierce has a really good piece in Esquire this month... that gets to this issue...

Black Like Him: Obama's Narrow Path to Reelection

Because those white people voted him into office, his primary job as president is to make sure his entire presidency is a demonstration of how far we've come as a nation on race, and that means he is not allowed to do anything or say anything that the white people who elected him can perceive to be divisive, because his primary function is to make them feel good about themselves. In theory, at least, all presidents are servants of the people who elected them. In the case of Barack Obama, it has seemed from the start that the idea as applied to him was more than mere metaphor. He is the first president in my lifetime whom the country felt obligated to remind that he know his place.