Saturday, December 15, 2012

Some Reading Recommendations for Progressive, Liberal, and Free Thinkers

Most of these are links to books on Amazon, a couple links to videos and websites - this time of year we see book lists and recommendations, so I thought I would offer some of my own, many of which I've mentioned before... some of these are polemics, others are not... but all, in my opinion, are good reads for contemplation, thought, and action.

On thinking:
C. Wright Mills - HERE and HERE
Christopher Hitchens - HERE

On Education:
John Taylor Gatto -  HERE and HERE
Sir Ken Robinson - HERE and HERE
Deborah Meir - HERE

On Religion:
Huston Smith - HERE
Hitchens, et. al. - HERE

On Politics:
Joe Bageant - HERE and HERE

On the Media:
Noam Chomsky - HERE

On the economy and alternatives to Corporate Dominated "Capitalism"
Charles Eisenstein - HERE
Gar Alperovitz - HERE
Yves Smith - HERE

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