Friday, March 8, 2013

Political sacrifices and uncertainty

"So what the bad predictions tell us is that we are, in effect, dealing with priests who demand human sacrifices to appease their angry gods — but who actually have no insight whatsoever into what those gods actually want, and are simply projecting their own preferences onto the alleged mind of the market."

This from Paul Krugman in today's NYT's - HERE

I've written about this before, but again Krugman makes it clearer than I have... the argument was if you elected this black, community organizer the market wouldn't like it... he's a muslim, a communist, a radical... so where's the communism?  hell, for that matter, where's the liberalism?  Where's the crashing stock market? The marches on Washington? the anarchy? the rise of the militants?  Oh, the market's at an all time high?  So, Limbaugh, FauxNews, Tea Partiers, etc., they really are like the Lemur in Madagascar 2 (for those of us with kids, we've seen it more than once) who demands a sacrifice, cause why the hell not I suppose... and it's very similar, and related to, their chicken little bit about "uncertainty"... they argue that businesses won't invest because of the uncertainty and then go on to suggest uncertainty is because they fear higher taxes, communism, etc... but, in reality it's they who are the stupid lemur's shaking their ass singing we've got to move it move, it's they who are the priest demanding human sacrifices without a clue about what they're talking about, or about what the "market demands" and in doing so are themselves creating the uncertainty they fear...

As Bob Reich pointed out in a tweet today:
Republicans complain incessantly "uncertainty" holding back U.S. economy. But source of uncertainty is GOP: debt ceiling, cliff, sequester..