Sunday, May 19, 2013

Whoever Tries the Most Stuff Wins

From Tom Peter's blog:
I frequently say, "I've only learned one thing 'for sure' in the 47 years since I started doing 'this stuff.'" (The 1966 staring point goes back to my U.S. Navy Seabee days in Vietnam.) The term "for sure" is meaningful; as a scientist by disposition, I don't believe as a matter of course in "for sures." So this exception is a big deal—to me.

And that one for-sure thing is ...
Or, to clarify ... Whoever Tries The Most Stuff Wins.
I agree with Tom a lot, not all the time, on this we're in 100% agreement.

In politics, however, this is damn near an impossible mantra... politicians can never be on the cutting edge, they've got to go where the most votes are, and their political opponents are waiting on them to what... fail.  We're in an era when NOBODY HAS A CLUE... nobody has any idea where people are going to work, nobody has a clue if this exponential change in technology is going to lead to abundance or calamity (although those who argue each, both agree exponential change is happening).  And nothing is more important than that our most important institutions, and each of us, just try stuff... keep trying, fail faster.

As I mentioned in the last piece the libertarians have built the capacity to exploit every failure... but, some politician somewhere has to start looking folks in the eye and saying clearly... "Holy hell, nobody has a clue... we've got to start trying stuff!  We're going to fail a lot, but "Whoever Tries the Most Stuff Wins!" and we've got to try more stuff!"...

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