Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Shoot the fat guys, hang the Smokers"

"Which means we are fucked. As long as Americans remain convinced we are each so damned individual, unique, special and different from our neighbor, better than our neighbor, we're sunk. As long as we are kept divided, the murderous assholes will keep on owning the game, keep on looting destroying and extorting the people's wealth and health....

At heart, it's a predatory society. So damned mean we no longer even notice its inherent cruelty. A strongman's democracy in which bodily appearance has become political, and the only allowable vice is self-righteousness."
It's good for my heart and soul to go back and read from the late Joe Bageant every now... the above is from a back and forth Joe had, with another Joe, called, "Shoot the fat guys, hang the Smokers" excellent stuff and I recommend you read it.

Through the vast choices in media via cable/satellite/internet, etc. we're convinced that were more "diverse", and that options offer opportunities for all the outliers to find others like them and form their own tribes based on their interest and beliefs.  Damn shame it hasn't worked out that way.  What we've got instead is a 24/7 deluge of "This is what it means to be American/Cool/Hip and part of the in crowd!" ... all brought to you by corporate America.  As Joe (and Joe) points out, god help you if your fat or a smoker... I would add the same for poor, or quiet, or have run across some just plain ole' bad luck.  People just don't give a shit, get back in line, act like they want you to act, or by god they'll treat you like you're a fucking American Idol contestant who can't sing, or any one of the other reality show "misfits".

As Joe writes, it's a society..."So damned mean we no longer even notice its inherent cruelty."


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