Friday, November 1, 2013

On being wrong

The world should be more like the U.S., we've got "freedom", we've got "the american dream", we've got lots of guns and honey boo boo.  Many are convinced that our way is the only way to live... yet we chug down more vitamins, alcohol, and mind-altering (though often prescribed) drugs than ever before (not to mention waste hours watching honey boo boo). And this is the life you want for others?  Then many bitch and moan about our "socialist" President and long for the creation of a U.S. they believe once was, but their dream state is really a fantasy brought to them by propaganda from the likes of the Koch brothers.  And frankly this is why we have things like government shutdowns... so self-righteous, and manipulated, that we can't for a minute imagine a question  like Snoopy suggest in the cartoon above, "Has it every occurred to you that you may be wrong?"  No, for most they can't.  Politicians think it would be political suicide to say, "I don't know" or "I haven't thought about that before"... so, their costume is that of an all knowing, self-righteous, never wrong, never questioning, never in doubt person.  But, on serious issues we face if you talk with someone who has actually done the research and thought about that particular issue for any length of time what you will hear them say, "I'm not sure I understand this completely, but it appears the evidence suggest..." or something like that.

But, for most to face the reality that they just don't know... is more than they can handle.  

But, I would suggest, it's our only way moving forward. We must admit that we don't have a clue, that we're learning more everyday, but there is so much yet to learn... and we'll never get there.  That the founding fathers, well they may not have understood globalization, demographics, and technological changes when they were founding this country and perhaps, just perhaps, some things need to be tweaked.  

So we make up shit, entire worlds, fabricated versions of the truth usually based on what our mama's and daddy told us, and the fabricated tribes we aspire too, just to try and convince ourselves we've got some clue, that we're not out here flailing away like a fish out of water...

It my blog, so I can write this to the fictional "you", even though we haven't met.  You probably aren't that great, yet you are really damn sure of yourself.  Your past, if we were to look closely, is most likely not the one you romanticize but is one you made up based on the one you wished you had led   You've lied to yourself so convincingly, that now you believe you've "pulled yourself up by your bootstraps", when in fact you've either stood on the shoulders of giants or haven't got anywhere important yet.  More likely, you've either defined you own meaning of success or became convinced you would have succeeded if _________ (pick a group) hadn't held you back.  And don't get me started on the BS you're feeding your poor child.  The lies you've told yourself are turning them into a mini-me, and making them aspire to be your own middle management, occasionally lucid, pontificating self... it's not helping.  But, it's just not your kids life your interested in, it's the neighbor's and the neighbors kids. We all, in fact,  should be more like you apparently,  in most of life.  Religion, politics, foods we eat, activities were pursue, hobbies, you name it...  Your self-confidence has convinced you you're that damn good, that we should all aspire to be just like you.

The lefty's get blamed for their smugness and self-righteousness, but it's the tea party who epitomizes this attitude. Not many a tea partier has ever said, "wonder if I'm wrong about ole' Sarah Palin?"  They know they are right about her, about schools, about guns, about religion, and  it's never once occurred to them to wonder, "any chance I'm wrong."

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