Saturday, July 5, 2014

What does it take to Succeed?

What does success look like?

For 100+ years we knew.  Success meant the accumulation of wealth and stuff.  Going forward it doesn't appear this won't be an option for most... then what?

If in 2023 (ish )only 35% of the jobs will require any type of certification/degree/diploma beyond a high school diploma.  Some have argued only 30% of the US population will thrive (based on the old model of success) while 70% will struggle to make ends-meet.

Clearly, we need to redefine the meaning of success.

What if schools were rated based on whose graduates the happiest kid? Or communities were measured not by median household income, but on health and wellness?

Well, that's insane, some would argue, kids must be rated based on test scores and there are these clear historical links with income and wellness.

But, going forward, previous incremental steps to get success won't work or matter...what degree you have will mean nothing.  Engineering.  Sociology.  History.  English.  It won't matter.  You will be damn lucky (yes lucky) if you end up one of the 30% who can make ends meet.

Lots of Dr. Oz types out there are convincing you there are magic pills in health, workforce development, economic development, education.  But, the fact is Jack never threw down some beans that led to the giants.  There are no magic pills and we're all going to have to make ends meet, one way or the other, going forward.

Thus, how do we try and make it work?  We struggle, strive, and just frankly, do our best.

Read Tim Ferriss' - 4 Hour Work Week... he talks about lifestyle design, multiple income streams, etc., as alternatives to the deferred life plan, as options.  But, they may soon be the only options for most.