Sunday, January 11, 2015

Someone to blame

Mostly, though, what Americans seem to want, based on our hardcover purchases, is some way to beg, borrow, or steal our way back to the good life. We want someone to blame. We want someone to fix things. Republicans have capitalized most effectively on this longing, and have gained far more leverage from it over the years than Democrats, because they trust former neurosurgeons, TV-talk-show hosts, bloggers, radio personalities, and pretty much anyone who’s ever appeared on Fox News to hold forth on the lost American dream.
Heather Havrilesky Mansplanation Nation: How two decades of nonfiction best sellers teem with fake self-assurance—and testosterone __________________________________________________________________________________________________We just want someone to blame, someone to make things like they used to be... most of us get dragged kicking and streaming through this aging process, things were easier and simpler when mom told us when to go to bed and Ronald Reagan told us we were the best darn country in the world. And that basic formula worked for all the generations that we've known on a personal basis or the one's our parents knew. For a little over 100 years we were on a national plateau where things developed incrementally and for most people, things got incrementally better. It's not working like that now, and probably never will again. Which is making everyone freak out and as Havrilesky says, looking for someone to blame. Radical fundamentalist Muslims want to blame non-Muslims, Leftist want to blame Corporations, Fundamentalist Republicans want to blame poor people and Obama. And the great challenge is the last 100 years haven't prepared us to cooperate or collaborate to find solutions and deal with exponential changes. We've been programmed to compete, not partner.

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