Sunday, May 17, 2015

Obama got your guns yet?

Do some Google searches just for kicks... Obama and guns; Obama and socialism; Obama and economy... note the predictions of many and the language of some to this day - Obama is coming for your guns, Obama will ruin the economy and will take money from the rich and give to the poor via welfare, redistribution, etc. But, what has happened? Any significant redistribution from rich to poor? Uh, no actually and very clearly it is the opposite. Any significant effort to take guns away? Uh, no, but gun advocacy groups and gun manufacturers sure are making a lot of money... almost like they want to encourage a scarcity mindset, nah they wouldn't do that... would they? And the economy. Well, the facts are that the economy still sucks for the poor and the middle-class is shrinking, while the rich are getting richer. Obama is clearly a failed socialist. But, this last point is really the point... the economy has gotten worse for blue-collar workers in American and that is either the fault of an economic blend of Globalization, Technology, and Demographics on the global scale, or it's the fault of some politicians. Should have fought NAFTA some argued, but look at the GDP created by manufacturing created in the US over the last 30 years, it hasn't changed. We still make stuff here, it just takes less people to make stuff, thanks to technological changes. The next time you hear someones scare tactics about what Obama is going to do... remember it is a scary world we are in, but not because of Obama... it's a scary world because of people looking for scapegoats and person's to blame for their own benefit, rather than solutions that will benefit everyone.

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